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The most stress free armed robbery

3 years 2 weeks ago #1 by Cunningham

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  • The most stress free armed robbery was created by Cunningham
    I’m going to start taking more notice of my dreams, this is my first post. Last night I had a dream that I was at work. I work in a hotel, but I was not working in the dream. I was just randomly upstairs inside a bedroom on my own. I also for some reason had a CCTV feed into the room, in reality none of the rooms have a CCTV feed. I could see around the whole hotel. Suddenly a group of armed robbers turned up, began pointing guns at the guests and turning the CCTV cameras around so that they were not being filmed. Meanwhile I was thinking that this was great as I felt perfectly safe in the room and I just knew that there was no way anyone would find me. I then proceeded to phone the Police thinking that everyone else is held up so I am the only one that can do this. I remember seeing a Police car outside through the window shortly after and that was it. The dream ended. 

    I thought this was particularly odd as literally every dream I have ever had that involves phoning the emergency services ends up with me not being able to press 999 on my phone or it ends up with me just not being able to get through, those dreams happen often. In this dream I was perfectly fine about an armed robbery, I remember dialling 999 and speaking to the operator and telling her what happened and the Police actually turned up. Never ever happened before. I was thinking, could this be a sign of me feeling like I am entering a new chapter somehow in my life? I kind of get the feeling that there has been a consistent problem in my life and now I have control over it? I would love to hear your honest opinions.

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