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Watership down/ rats of NIMH

3 years 3 weeks ago - 3 years 3 weeks ago #1 by nofancyname

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  • Watership down/ rats of NIMH was created by nofancyname
    While my dream has nothing to do with watership down or the rats of NIMH, the environment of those two stories is what I immediately thought of upon waking. It was cartoonish but at the same time far more dark and grown up. The color and feel was close to that of a murky swamp with dampness, water, fog, and anything else you might think to associate with such a place.

         The dream itself is rather vague at this point as it is the first chance I have had to put words down, I will do my best. The environment that I am in is in some sort of underground lair or base that sits at the bottom of a lake or large pond (Probably closer to a pond). While the dream involved forest creatures, the lair itself contains technological items such as the use of steel, metals, access to electricity and is reached by the use of an elevator allowing one to circumnavigate getting wet (It is also not initially visible i.e. it is hidden from those who do not know what they are looking for/at). I also get the foreboding sense that something lurks within the depths of the waters. Something along the lines of an alligator, crocodile, or perhaps an excessively large fish which is a predator to be feared and accounted for.

         As I had this dream it almost felt like different sequences that took place were numbered or were various chapters, such as in a book (Hence watership down).It should be noted that I am down there with one other thing. I say thing because this other individual does not come off as human but more like an old wizened sage, but in the form of an animal. Except, as with animals in such cartoons/stories, he walks upright, is clothed, is very intelligent and has the ability to show empathy. I feel it is also important to mention that I see everything from a first person perspective like in a video game. I do not know what my physical body looks like during the duration of this dream. The dream crescendos when the sage finds a letter written by who, I do not know. I postulate that it is by a survivor or by someone that survived just long enough to write the letter down, which I will explain next.
         Apparently down there with us was a large band of mice. They had names that rhymed and for the life of me I cannot remember them. I feel like the number 18 entered my head as well during this portion of the dream either during it or just upon waking. Either way, I think it is safe to say that there were over a dozen of these mice. In the letter it is described how one by one the mice were killed with the notion of survivors being vague and unknown. This is viewed as a travesty of course, an emotional blow to the sage. At this point however, we get up from where we are at and venture deeper into this lair.

         At some point we come across an area that is darker and dirtier, I see hay strewn about and dark drag marks which I assume is blood. Perhaps the scene of the massacre or the hiding spot of our killer. I peer into a hole or crevice that sits in the back of the room on the left hand side and grab onto a humongous rat. I am big enough to hold this rat with one hand but it has a ferocious face, HUGE teeth, thin but way longer than any normal rat would have, big enough to go clear through my hand should it have a chance to bite, and black eyes with a clear icy sheen to them. I am using all of my strength to hold this creature but at the last minute the sage gives it a whack with what I think is his walking stick and the battle is over. Right as this final scene took place I awoke from my dream.

         It was an incredibly vivid dream even with its dark murky overtones and the environment felt very real. I almost want to sit down and start writing a book or some short stories based on this world that I experienced. Anyways any interpretations or thoughts would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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