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Dream with me in the 19th century

3 years 1 month ago #1 by TurtleSnake

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  • Dream with me in the 19th century was created by TurtleSnake
    I was in one of my high school teacher's class.  That teacher is a female.I started taking notes for Chemistry. I didn't finish taking notes. One of my female classmates (who is also one of my friends) said that they're in the book. I said "Thanks." I saw another one of my classmates, but it is a male. He said that he was at his favorite restaurant. We were in the 1800's (19th century) The restaurant was unnamed. I saw another one of my friends, but he was in 12th Grade when I was in 10th Grade. I asked him what's his sign, "I'm Aries" I said (it's true), and he replied to me that he's Taurus. I saw Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. I saw text that says "Predictions for the year 2222" and there were 2 sets of 4 Jenga blocks. I found out that life was always in color. The entire dream was in color btw. An arbitrator died at the age of 123. She died on the courtroom. I saw on Google one of my Google Keep notes, and it said that it was visible only to me. I tried to break my mom's phone because she was reading one of my Google Keep notes. It got broken near the top.

    What does this dream mean?

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