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Dreaming of Having Sex with Cartoon Characters

3 years 3 months ago - 3 years 3 months ago #1 by WeirdDreamerDude

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  • Dreaming of Having Sex with Cartoon Characters was created by WeirdDreamerDude
    Inspired by this post

    My first post on this forum. I just wanted to let something out that I hide under my skin.

    I like to have dreams of having sex with cartoon characters!

    Not only that but I'm male but like to have sex with male cartoon characters. And I identify as a bottom/uke, in other words I prefer to bottom for male cartoon characters, well, anything male but especially cartoon characters.

    I've believe it or not had dreams like this ever since I was a little boy (I was exposed to pornography as a kid and still remember it to this day, leading me to know more about sex than I should have at my age and start having premature sex dreams!) Sometimes I was a top/seme, other times I was a bottom, even for females! But now I'm exclusively sexually interested in males and always prefer to bottom, I don't like the idea of topping for anyone, especially males or male-like creatures!

    I won't say which cartoon characters I've had sex with so as not to offend anyone unless you ask me, but I've submitted to sex with my favorite cartoon characters, be them childhood cartoon characters or more recently liked cartoon characters. And as a kid some cartoon characters I had sex with were adults, some anthropomorphic male animals (again not saying which!) What I didn't know back then was adults could get in legal trouble for that, but even if I knew, would I have cared? Because I wanted it! It felt weird, was scary at times, and did lead to some regret and trauma, but also made me more attracted to such characters!

    And I admit I've dreamed of being sexed by underage cartoon characters. I hope that doesn't make me a pedophile, I don't want to be seen as such and would never have sex with kids! I know people take that really seriously! Does make me feel better if such characters were aged up or if I got it from actual adult cartoon characters.

    It's weird too, as a kid I had sex dreams about adult cartoon characters, but as I got older I started having sexual dreams about kid cartoon characters! Isn't that ironic? I also did dream of sex with my peers, including kids from school. Must admit, as a child I hated the idea of having sex with adults, except one of my uncles, I hated that and yet I liked it when some cartoon characters who were adults did have sex with me!

    Some sex dreams just happened out of nowhere, others I did try to have, especially when I was aware I was dreaming. Most dreams start off normal but later feature sex, including unexpected. I'll never forget I was in 1st grade, it seemed like a normal school day in my dream. But then later and much to my unexpect, me and a lot of my other classmates were being sexed, and though I was male, another male child, one taller and older than me, had sex with me and I was the bottom! I didn't like it back then but now I'm glad that happened!

    Although I'm old enough to know better now, I still like having dreams of having sex with other males, especially cartoon characters and only if I'm the bottom, although I don't like it when it results in me having wet dreams and I hate wet dreams, but I'd rather have wet dreams than masturbate or have real-live sex, my conscience is cleaner that way and I'd rather keep sex within my dreams than act it out!

    I identify as gay and submissive but does this also make me a schedeophile, zoophile, and (again I hope not) pedophile? Again I don't believe in having sex with children, but sometimes I still have dreams like that even when I don't mean to! And am I a freak or weirdo? Know this, I feel much better having sex with another man than a little boy and it's much less weird that way! I even age up cartoon characters and then dream of them sexing me, I believe that's better than just simply having sex with a child. Now don't get me wrong, I do not encourage child sex, I understand having sexual feelings for children, but if you're going to fantasize having sex with a child cartoon character, age him up to at least 18 or 19 first, or better yet make them older than you! Trust me, it feels better that way! I know now not everyone will agree with me on this but aging up a young character is better than having sex with a minor, at least I believe that!

    Who else has dreams like I do?

    The following is more explicit (please tell me how to hide this or mods hide this)

    I basically like it when I dream of a cartoon character, including canon cartoon characters, sticks his penis into my butt. I admit I fantasize about that and even try to dream of it and sometimes I'm successful but not always! I don't know why, I just do, and even get frustrated when I don't! And anal sex was the first sex I ever witnessed. It was all heterosexual though be it man to woman or woman to man, which I hated although I did dream of submitting to little girls (WHEN I WAS A LITTLE BOY!) and liked it then. I never saw homosexuality, even thought it didn't exist or was physically impossible, but somehow I started imagining and dreaming of males, including cartoon characters, sexing me, as improbable and impossible as that seemed, so I was my own first example of homosexuality! It must have came from the fact that males have penises and females don't but also me seeing females humping and penetrating males. That even led me to believe some females did have penises, but I never saw a real live female with a penis, so for years it didn't make sense! Now I know thanks to Wikipedia, women use dildos! That must have been what I saw! But I hated that, to me it should have always been males penetrating females, never the other way around, and still to this day I'm not crazy about that but respect those who like it! And I admit I did enjoy dreaming of a girl sticking her penis into my boy-butt, but now I never want to dream of that again whether it's me or another male going through it. The only sex dreams I want to have now are of another male, especially a cartoon character, even non-human characters, sticking his penis into me, anally or even orally, or two males having sex with me at once! And again, I'm more comfortable being the bottom than the top, I don't like the idea of using my penis on another male, not even in my dreams!

    Again, does anybody else go through this, even some of this? I know I'm not the only one with this flaw!

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