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3 years 5 months ago #1 by DarkTaurusRising

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    Hi guys,
    I'm new to the forum and I need some help. Tonight I had a weird dream, however it's been quite pleasant. 
    I was guided out from the cave tunnel to the beautiful azure colored lagoon. The person who guided me was a mature woman in black, satin robe with some golden embroidery. She was a bit resigned and sad. With me was yet another woman with whitish-blonde hair, which turned out to be my wife. When we've emerged from that cave I've seen the white cliffs with the pagodas painted white and blue (colors nearly the same as in some Greek towns).
    On the horizon there was a huge golden ship with multiple masts, sparkling in the sun. The older woman in black robes told me this is my kingdom now suggesting I'm the king of this realm and my wife is a queen.  I had that feeling that this was her kingdom before and I've conquered it. Therefore it became mine and she has to step down. The queen was happy and I was wondering whether it was Malta or not.
    Water in the lagoon (bay?) was peaceful, quiet and warm. There were two, not too big, dragons flying over the water playfully in the distance and one of the dragons, red in color, dashed my direction, stopped and started to play with me by sprinkling me with water from his wing. Just like the kids do. The dragon was not terrifying at all and we had a bond similar to what you have with a dog.
    I felt really good. Felt loved, felt love and was happy, and relaxed.

    Will be grateful for any suggestions in interpretation.

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