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3 years 7 months ago #1 by Thesecret

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  • Dream interpratation was created by Thesecret
    I am walking along a corridor and there is several doors. Each door i pass it opens and all these hands start to extene towards to me. I can hear the voices but cant see the faces. The hands have long nails and they try and pull me into the door, clawing and scratching at my brain. The voices start off slow and whispery and they are saying tell me, tell me, tell me. It gets louder and louder and more arms appear and try and pull me the door. I am nearly pulled in and the closer i get the louder the tell me  tell me gets but just before i am pulled all the way in i break free. I walk forward and the same proccess happens again and again and again. There is a door at the very end of the corridor that i am trying to get to. Sometimes i get past a couple of doors withs the arms and i wake up from it, sometimes its a load of doors but when i do reach the very last door and i open it all the voices scream, shout and bellow Noooooooo, Noooooooo Noooooooo tell us, tell us, telll us, tell us, tell me Noooookoo Noooo. As soon as i step out from the door i opened i walk into a green hillside, the picture is perfect. It is like a nice calm sunny day with a gentle sea breeze. About one second after i step out all the doors from the corridor burst open and hundreds of arms come flying down the corridor. I go to close the door but it is not there. I go to run but i cannot. All the time i hear Noooooo Noooooo tell me, tell us. The arms get to me and start clawing at me, i have a phone in my pocket and the voices shout tell us, tell us the code, tell us the code, the arms fight over the phone while the other ones claw at my head. The screams are we want to know, tell us, you have the answer. Its inside your mind, tell us the code, tell us the secret. Thats as far as it goes i normally wake up at that point. It has been an going one for nearly five years now

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    3 years 7 months ago #2 by ElizVanZee

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  • Replied by ElizVanZee on topic Dream interpratation
    Because the scene is quite unrealistic, it strongly suggestsa psychological perception - one illustrating how a situation feels to you. You
    see yourself going through a situation (a corridor) in which there is an end in
    sight. (room at the end) Yet along the way there are many opportunities (doors)
    for aggressive people (hands with long nails) to try to pull you into a point
    of view (a room) in which revealing your secret may seem like a good idea. (3
    repetitions of "tell me") While you mange to break away or resist, their demand seems to becomestronger (more arms) and more insistent (louder). At the very end there is an option or opportunity to stepoutside, that is, into reality and away from the delusions of the mind (inside
    a building). You see a peaceful view and are using the Lord's Intelligence
    (sunny day) when seeing that you are walking into a problem (hillside) because in
    your mind there is no possibility to shut off the aggressiveness apparently
    tormenting you. (no door) All the angry (up in arms) aggressiveness you perceive
    has been highly exaggerated (hundreds of arms) but is being supported by your
    own higher consciousness or intelligence (arms flying down corridor) The problem being faced appears to relate tothe fact that what is a delusion of the mind can become a physical reality -
    the arms can follow you outside. The secret or the code would probably refer to those numbersor passwords that you want to keep private. The danger of being "taken
    in" or fooled by scammers is something everyone faces, yet your mind seems
    to have greatly exaggerated your danger of falling victim as the scene shows
    you can resist their pleas to reveal your numbers. The scene may also be a
    reminder that you should not store these numbers or passwords on your phone or
    computer where they are easily copied by hackers. The head is a more difficult
    place for them to access. Your fear of being tricked into revealing these
    secrets needs to be controlled. Scripture tells us that a fear is what you
    really need to fear - because a fear can become a reality.

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