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Floating Labyrinth

3 years 7 months ago #1 by vnecktrev

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  • Floating Labyrinth was created by vnecktrev
    Now to start off a lot of my dream looked quite cartoonish with how colorful things were and the way things just looked in general including the people in it. I was with another person the whole time and I don’t recall what the other person looked like. I want to say it was a girl but she was just with me most of the time I don’t really recall if she did much. We were inside some massive complex of rooms kind of like a large apartment complex that floated in the sky. It was shaped weird but the weirdest part was the inside. Most of it was a ton of square and rectangular shaped rooms that were all mostly empty and situated in no specific pattern. There were also a lot of automatic metal doors you’d imagine on a spaceship. It was definitely a maze. All of the walls were orange inside and the outside was orange and white. We were trying to do something really important with limited time. Most of the time we were running and for some reason we knew it was really dangerous. I can’t quite vividly recall a specific encounter but I want to say there were a lot of armed and dangerous bad guys there we were definitely trying to avoid. At one point we climbed across some strange rope bridge to get to another area which kind of looked more like a cave. Which didn’t really match the layout of everything else. Directly on the other side of the rope bridge was an old man who had been in that cave for a long time. He gave us some important information to help us on our mission we were in such a rush to accomplish. We went back across the bridge from where we came. Then we fell through some trap door into what seemed like a foam pit and we thought something bad was going to happen next however the next thing I recall was the two of us running outside.Once we finally made it outside it was dark (it was night when I saw the floating complex before entering). There was a telescope on the balcony we were on and I knew that I needed to look through it to find something somewhere. Now here is what’s weird, I was seeing myself as if watching a movie which I guess isn’t too uncommon but I looked totally different. I looked like some kind of anime character with long black hair (my hair is black but very short). I was also wearing a purple jacket, black boots and some weird type of tight black suit underneath it. There was also a sword on my hip. It was definitely an extremely noticeable outfit that I must have put a lot of thought into and nothing I’ve never seen or thought of before.Just as I put my eye to the telescope which looked to be about 18” in length and was just silver colored metal with lenses on each end. So then it pulled some transformer shit and the first thing it does is shoot straps out of it and wraps them around my head so I can’t get the telescope thing off of my face. It then expands to about twenty times it’s original size by mechanically altering itself and moving parts on the inside to the outside. Then the freakiest part happened where a metal rod came out of the end next to my eye. It had scalpel looking blades and it turned on and spun like a blender. It then took one of my eyes out and I was screaming while it happened.After it took my eye I fell to my knees and for some reason I felt like I had been defeated or lost at something. So just to highlight the person was at my side the whole time and we spent a long time running through that giant building/spaceship thing because it was difficult to navigate. Anyways some type of interpretation would be helpful from anyone and I’m really curious to read your replies!

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