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The Jump Into Magic

3 years 8 months ago #1 by ScorpionC

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  • The Jump Into Magic was created by ScorpionC
    Dream 9th September 2020.

    Dream starts with me alone flying in a spaceship above Earth on a helicopter level, without plans of ever landing because it seemed like there are no longer anyone on Earth, it was a lonely journey, above mountains. Spaceship is automated, I am like a passanger but can move anywere on the ship. Some time later ship recieves a message that some man is meeting me on Earth so ship lands. That man was sent to me by unemployment organization because he was without work and we were suppose to open a shopping business together. He was suppose to come by a car alone, he came together with several other people on a gray Mercedes at the late evening and it had nothing to do with the job. Then they all came into my second home which was a villa (I have only 1 home in real life) and decided to sleep over and soon it showed that they decided to live there for free. I understood that they knew somehow that there is enough space for everyone, so I understood I am dealing with professionals. Only one character of this group of people played a role in the dream, it was a girl with magical powers. We became something like friends or lovers, not sure.

    Some time later...

    I stand on a roof of a high building, in front of me there is a beach, it`s summer, sunset. Mafic girl is not with me but we communicate somehow and I tell her that I trust her and her magic and without asking for permission or hesitation I jump forward from the building. I knew that under normal circumstances I would land on the ground and die but I trusted in the magic. In fact it seemed like no magic took place, but wind blowed me all the way to the sea in which I landed nicely. Water was not still but not too active ether. When I was about to land I remembered that I could not swim but I soon discovered I could.

    That`s all I remember.

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