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I Dreamt that I was caught in a terrorist attack and my daughter got shot.

3 years 9 months ago #1 by ElliottD

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  • Last night I had the most vivid, confusing and emotional dream I have ever had.It began with me and my 2 year old daughter being on holiday together and I put her in a day care at the hotel to play. As I walked out of the lobby of the hotel it exploded as if a bomb had gone off. I immediately ran back in and searched for my daughter who laying there motionless but alive, covered in dust and had a swollen eye and cut on her face but I was relieved she was alive. I held her so tight and ran out of the hotel. While I was running I was hearing hundreds of gun shots around me and I was obviously in the middle of a war or terrorist attack. A group of people also caught in it called to me and I took cover next to them. We were kneeling down behind road block boulders. But my daughter being in pain and crying stood up for a split second and she got shot in the head and her body collapsed in slow motion to the floor and she died instantly. I let out such a screech of pain and one of the guys who was there grabbed me tight, pulling me and dragging me away to another safe place.After what felt like hours hiding, these terrorists came looking for people and started capturing and killing them instantly one by one. Everyone I was with other than the guy who pulled me away (no idea who he is)  was now dead. We managed to find a street shop that had a door open and no one around, we went in locked the door and closed the shutters. We ran all the way up to the roof where we found a group of kids and a teenager cuddled up together, terrified on the roof terrace. From there we started looking for an escape route to get to safety as the war didn't look like it had reached this side of the city yet. A few moments later we heard gun shots in the store below and it was obvious that someone had got in and was looking around. We planned on how to kill them if they came up to our level and we succeeded in doing so leaving us with a gun. We managed to escape the roof by climbing down the side if the building and getting all the kids safely too a house that was only a short distance from where we needed to be. Once in the house I saw a terrorist who was holding a family captive and it happened to be a woman who I killed with my bare hands, I was angry and crying. We told the hostige family to come with us and we managed to get to a safe part of the city. As we walked, limped and cried a car pulled up with a familiar face I knew and said guys come quickly we have a safe ride home for you. And some good news your gong to want to hear. She jumped out of her car to walk with us and a tall old man who she called Dr Lewis also stepped out if another car. While I was walking I could think of nothing else than "how do I explain to my wife that our child's gone?" and I felt a huge sense of regret for leaving my daughters body. I woke up stressed and emotional and regretful that I'd just left her body there and the image of her being shot in the head I still feel typing this. I know it sounds like a movie or video game. Had I watched a movie or played a video game I wouldn't think twice but I haven't played a game for years and haven't watched a movie for weeks. This dream scared me and I don't know what it could mean but I know I feel like crap after it. Please help

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