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Plane crash dream?

3 years 10 months ago #1 by Jj1991

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  • Plane crash dream? was created by Jj1991
    Hi all, I don't really have many vivid dreams but last night was very different I remember it like it actually happened, I was on a plane with total strangers on my own. All of a sudden the plane started shaking the engines stopped and then it began descending rapidly backward's the same feeling as oblivion at Alton towers.
    It was downward spiralling and the plane physically ripped in half and it felt like I fully experienced all this the wind in my face the loose objects falling that horrible feeling in your stomach because your moving so fast and then the savage crash landing that followed.
    I come round and stood up like it was a basic car crash I was bleeding yet no serious injuries I walked outside the plane and there was debri and bodies everywhere I was the sole survivor. I had a sense of feeling invincible in the dream....
    Has anyone ever dreamt anything similar? Can anyone point out what this dream could mean?

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