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dried up live fish and 2 giraffes magically floating in the air out of toilet

3 years 10 months ago #1 by Bilal074

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  • Someone lets me use thier washroom. The room is lit buy natural light and the dream has a filter like effect that make everything feel a little moody a little on the cloudy day side. 

    as i start to pee small round looking dried up almost like zombie fish start slowly floating out of toilet bowl into the air and soon there are fish filling the room floating out of toilet. 

    i reach out to touch a couple but when i try to touch them I realize these two are mini giraffes. I try to touch them but my had goes right through them ad if it was a hologram. 

    I can’t remember what led me to this washroom but there was a lot of stuff before this point. And this was the end of my dream. 

    it was a memorable dream because the fish were strange and half dry. I thought they were dead at first but as they came closer to towards me i see they are alive. They did not swim just float in the air. 

    would love to hear peoples thoughts 

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