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Killing a gypsy

4 years 2 weeks ago #1 by Pero2807

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  • Killing a gypsy was created by Pero2807
    So, I had a dream where a gypsy man, woman and child got into my yard and started to poke around my property. When the woman and the child left, I confronted the man asking him to leave to which he responded aggressively, i.e. pushing me around. At that moment I grabbed his neck with one hand and squeezed as hard as I could. I could feel his throat failing. And once I pushed my strength over the edge, he was dead. My now deceased aunt and I put the body in our house, and covered it politely. After that we called the police to tell them what happened. I wanted to call them, since I felt I did nothing wrong. I was feeling it was necessary as a self-defense at taht moment. When the police arrived they were a bunch of newbies, young policemen without uniforms. Six of them to be exact. We started talking, and I told them what happened, and I cried, sincerely. I was sad that I had to kill someone, and was ready for any punishment that was due. After that the dream changed to me on a boat fishing with my father, but we had not caught anything. The boat was old and wooden, the fishing line was simple, yet with a three pronged hook. The bait was a single tiny worm. The water was clear, but felt empty, like there was no life under the surface. What could this all mean?

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