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druidic dream?

3 years 9 months ago #1 by Helmstar

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  • druidic dream? was created by Helmstar
    So maybe someone could give me ideas as to what this dream might mean. Had it several years ago and it has stuck with me.

    I was standing outside staring at the sky when I heard creaking and cracking sounds. I looked around and saw that certain trees were being lifted into the sky by invisible force, the trunks being broken and pulled apart, with the lower part of the trunk and roots still in the ground. Off in the distance is a large tree easily as high as the Empire State Building. It too is ripped up and disappears into the sky. I place my hand on an unharmed tree and ask it to show me what happened. Next thing I know I feel myself pulled into the tree, down through the roots and through all the roots of grass, like electricity through wires. I found myself in the place of one of the broken trees. I was hurried up to my waist in the ground. I felt a force pulling on me, pulling me up. I began feeling pain in my rips. I felt my flesh begin to rip and tear and my spine begin to pull apart, then thankfully I was a bolt going through the roots under the ground again. This time I came out in the broken stump of the giant tree, in awe of how massive it was. Easily the size of a Wal-Mart parking lot or bigger. I looked up and saw only sky. I still had no idea what force took the trees or why it only took certain ones.

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