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Dream about potential relationship

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  • Dream about potential relationship was created by Siteing
    Had a dream about a girl I like. The relationship has been a bit confusing as to what her feeling are towards relationship. 

    The dream was her in a hospital room. I came in and sat next to her. She asked me to climb in the bed with her and watch TV. I climbed in the bed and she snuggled with me. She kissed me and kept smiling. 

    Then there were people sitting in the room. The room became bigger at that point. Some of the people were talking but I could not clearly hear them. She laughed and said "Someone said that today is a good day to her friend". Then she kissed me and played her head on my chest and snuggled tighter. It felt like she was pointing out that people were jealous that we were together. 

    Then I must have fallen asleep because the bed was suddenly empty. I did not know where she went. Did not feel scared.  Just kept looking. Did not get out of the bed as I felt she went somewhere while i was sleeping and she would be back. 

    Let me add that I never dreamt about her before. 

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