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Forced to repeat exams / Naked from the waist down in a Foreign City

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  • Hi Guys 

    I'm new here, just stumbled across the forum, so hope it's ok to post. 

    I've been having a recurring dream that enmeshes two scenarios. 

    In the first, I'm back in my early 20s, Having completed my undergraduate degree, and before that my Leaving Certificate (An Irish equivalent of something like A-Levels or SAT's I believe.) 

    For some reason in the dream, even though I've finished University, I'm catapulted backwards into a situation where I have to re-do my Leaving Cert exams (Which are completed before University starts!)

    I feel in the dream a terrible sense of unfairness - as in, I've already completed this excruciating trial, so why should I have to do it again?  (The Leaving Certificate, at least when I was doing it, was known to be an extremely trying set of exams for young minds.) 

    The dream then always jumps into Travel - I'm abroad, usually with old friends, and after a heavy night of partying, I realise suddenly that I'm naked from the waist down - no pants, underpants or shoes. Sometimes It's just no shoes. 

    The dream is quite tortuous - it has a slight sense of lucidity to it, not in the literal sense, but in that I feel almost as though I'm my conscious self in it. 

    What I'm finding difficult to interpret is the second part, the nudity / loss of shoes. I've had the exam dream for many years, and from what I've read it's a fairly common stress induced kind of dream. 

    The No Footwear, or even more distressing, lack of clothing, and trying to make my way home whilst covering my private parts, is new though. 

    Would be grateful if anyone had any insight, 

    Much appreciated 


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