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Sneaking past tigers

4 years 4 months ago #1 by nofancyname

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    Had an interesting dream last night in which myself and another person that I could tell was there but never see repeatedly did the same thing, but slightly differently each timeWhat happened is that we were on the outside of some type of animal enclosure that had a high metal chain link fence. On the other side was a tiger, not fully grown but not a baby either.Repeatedly we would scale this fence, sneak through the enclosure attempting to get to a specific location and then get back to the fence and escape. I noticed however that each time we were attempting to get back out I would find myself back at the beginning repeating the process. One of our goals of course was to not be seen by the tiger and when he got close I became slightly more tense in the dream.That is about all that I can remember and I am sure that some parts of the dream,are not coming back to me.

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