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Given a penny

4 years 4 months ago #1 by asoltoad

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  • Given a penny was created by asoltoad
    Let me preface the description of my dream by saying that I have been a professional classical musician most of my life, although I now find myself having changed careers out of necessity.

    I dreamed that I became friends with John Denver. In the dream I realized he was a celebrity but the only thought that occurred to me was that he seemed to be a normal and decent person. Heall of a sudden was missing and people whom I did not necessarily know were looking all over for him. He
    suddenly appeared near me and he gave me a penny. In so many words he said
    “I’ve had this from the beginning.” I was curious what year was on the penny but put it in the little coin pocket in my pants almost with the feeling I wanted to hide it and then he vanished. People
    still seemed frantic looking for him and I was reluctant to say that he
    appeared and vanished in front of me.

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