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    Well where do i begin, so at first I dreamt that I was going to go to Russia to watch a concert by a former East 17 band member, I think the person in my dream is probably not a real person
    So anywaycim organising going to Russia with a random girl and my dad. I remember hearing in my dream that temperatures can reach minus 26. I was worried about the cold, I was organising with this girl that my dad would drive. All of a Sudden I'm walking into a new work place, my job was to wash the dishes, it was at a housing association (I work for a hour in association) before I could wash anything I was taken upstairs, initially to do some sort of quick job I assumed. Instarted talking to them about their court proceedings, with this they quickly decided that washing dishes wouldn't suit me so they employed me on the spot. However I had to use t a MIB style finger print burner to burn off my finger prints. Now this is where it gets WEIRD someone else had to do this also so the opperator of the machine started whacking her breasts on it to make it work whilst this other person kept having her finger prints burnt, she did this several times. I was laughing. This operator then went into another room with me and decided to write a song about this whole finger print burning and whacking her breasts on it. She managed to write a song in seconds and then sang it to Craig David who was in the room with us. I couldn't stop laughing, thinking about what She could possibly sing to him but all she sang was (in the style of 7 days) that she set this other girl "free" I was dissapointed. I said "what all that MIB shit" I was quickly shut up by an image of her looking at me with that "shut up" look but her teethbwere all crooked. I went into another room and some guy entered. I knew he was bad news he had some device it was a small fattube bout the size of an inhaler with a much small tube coming off of it. It was an invention that transformed Any thing you said in another language to one you could understand. I put it near my ear but I started fighting him off. With that he blew (via the device) a microscopinc microphone in my ear, I stopped fighting at this point and started hearing RUSSIAN voices in my ear. Then I woke up..... WTF 

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