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Fighting a wizard on top of a castle

4 years 6 months ago #1 by Me123321

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  • Fighting a wizard on top of a castle was created by Me123321
    there was a wizard destroying a medieval town. A woman who I love in real life but does not know how I feel was in the town. I had to save her. I brought her to safety and once we were there I told her how I felt. I was holding her in my arms and told her I was in love with her and would do anything for her. She thanked me for saving her life and said I had to defeat the wizard to save the town. She wished me good luck. I then had to climb to the top of a castle and battle the wizard. I defeated him, but only because I knew I had to do it to keep the woman safe. The wizard was my football coach in real life who I hate. I’ve been telling myself four years that I’m not quitting football solely for this woman. I know that she deserves better than a quitter. I’m in my fourth year and could come back for another but I declared this as my senior year. Which is technically not quitting but I’ve been really struggling with the decision. This dream makes me think that either I’ve beaten the program and can finally be done or that I need to stay another year and finish it out and that’s how I beat my coach. What do you think? I will say I felt amazing in the dream. I don’t know if ive ever felt that good In my life as when I saved her and held her in my arms. If anything doesn’t make sense I can clear it up

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