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Dream 1 of 2 - Burgundy Cat

4 years 7 months ago #1 by JT_7

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  • Dream 1 of 2 - Burgundy Cat was created by JT_7
    I had a dream awhile back about a cat. I'm not a cat lover, don't own one, won't own one.  However, in this dream, I was choosing a cat from a litter.  I noticed a burgundy colored cat, with medium length hair.  It was a young cat, but not a kitten, and not fully grown.  I took this one, thinking, "I've never seen a cat like this before".  

    Somewhere along my dream - and I was walking alot through a small town - I noticed that I didn't have the cat anymore.  It wasn't in my backpack.  I began search through this town, high and low.  It proved fruitless.  I woke up without ever finding the cat again.

    It had just suddenly, without any real reason, disappeared.

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