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Strange Dream - Severed Toes

4 years 7 months ago #1 by pk91

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  • Strange Dream - Severed Toes was created by pk91
    I had a dream two nights ago. Bit of an odd one and normally wouldn't look for advice but am curious as to what it could mean.

    I dreamt I was at an aquarium with people (don't know who, but I think friends). Whilst looking at some fish in one of the tanks, I noticed there was a human big toe attached to the tank as a way of feeding the fish. 

    Same for the next tank. 

    Round the corner was a larger tank with a whole severed human leg in it for feeding the fish. 

    In the dream I wasn't disturbed by it but just found it unusual and showed others who also reacted that it was unusual but not disturbed by it. 

    Bit of a weird one. Any thoughts or anyone had any remotely similar dreams involving body parts? 

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