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Same woman different dream

4 years 8 months ago #1 by Whoisshe

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  • Same woman different dream was created by Whoisshe
    So I’m not sure if it means anything but for the past three nights, I’ve dreamt of the same woman. She’s small in stature, with dark hair and freckles across her nose. I don’t recognize her as anybody I’ve met before although something about her seems oddly familiar. During the first dream her and I seemed to desire one another. Nothing sexual took place but it’s almost as if we had been together our entire lives. As the second and third dreams occurred, I felt as though i was being pulled away from her. I could see her but only through a window and then a storefront. I would try to speak to her, she would look me in the eyes and respond although I couldn’t hear a sound. Nothing at all... the dream didn’t seem scary or out of the ordinary but for some reason I find myself yearning for this woman. Almost wishing it had been reality.

    Has anyone else experienced this before? 

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