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Dream About A Transexual's Problems In Life

4 years 8 months ago #1 by MoonPilgrim

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  • Dream About A Transexual's Problems In Life was created by MoonPilgrim
    This was one of the weirdest yet deepest dreams i've ever had.

    In this dream I was looking at life through the eyes of a transexual who wanted to be a female.

    In this dream I was playing a video game and one of the people in this group i wanted to join was a transexual. For some reason I was at the mercy of this new government technology that can record people's pasts and show them to me.

    One of the people in the group i wanted to join was a transexual female, i was looking at her talking to other people and her life's story because this government videocamera recorded everything she had ever done, kind of like in the batman film when batman creates this sonar that can show people's lives as they unfold.

    In the dream I saw her conversing with other people and I felt for her personality and uniqueness. She would tell me that she was not happy for not being accepted and that she was married to a man and had children.

    In the dream I would copy things she would say in this government videocamera and I would get different moments of her life where she would be talking to other people. After a while I became obssessed, obssessively looking at every part of her life and trying to understand her as a fundamental person. I was obssessed with her personality and wanted to be friends with this person.

    She then showed me a clip where someone was making fun of her for being a transexual and her throwing acid on the face of this person....

    I've never had a dream this profound, it felt like a lucid dream.... One thing I can't understand is what this dream means and what it means for me and my waking life. I felt so connected to this person and loved them for being a human being above all.

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