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Yellow Snake, Black Dog hi there

4 years 11 months ago #1 by Bbillster

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  • Yellow Snake, Black Dog hi there was created by Bbillster
    Hi there, would appreciate any insights. 

    in my dream I am walking along a board walk at a beach or park with my youngest daughter 11 holding hands. It is busy with walkers, bikers and picnickers. To our right is a clear trench of water, and in the water slithers a long yellow snake. It passes us in the weather and comes to the edge of the board walk about 10 feet behind where a small black dog is sniffing something in the water. 

    The snake tries to grab the hind legs of the dog and pull it in the water, and in doing the snake comes halfway out. A business man sees this and tries to stomp on the snake, which allows the dog to get a hold of the snake by the tail. 

    The snake is then upset. And cones down the boardwalk dragging the dog still attached towards me and my daughter. It tries to bite my ankles, and I have the sensation I am hovering off the ground. I have an immense worry that I have left my daughter in harms way, but know I can’t pick her up without being bitten. 

    Then I wake up. 

    Very disturbing, normally I don’t remember my dreams. Any help appreciated. Also glad I took the time to write it down. 

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    4 years 10 months ago #2 by guy

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  • Replied by guy on topic Yellow Snake, Black Dog hi there
    It's been my experience, a dream filled with fear is usually one of the most revealing dreams about myself.  i'll interpret your dream as if it was mine.

    First, I consider the location.  I have selected a place near to water, i.e. a symbol of my feminine.  I'm walking on dead wood, used to make a boardwalk. This is a symbol of old masculine based beliefs I've used to control my feminine.  That's what supporting me, in this dream scene.

    I'm walking.  I've learnt that walking is a way of symbolizing to myself how I am making slow, steady spiritual progress, i.e. on my own two spiritual feet, addressing the issues the dream scene is about.

    Why is my daughter in this dream scene with me?  It's because she too shares the same underlying beliefs the boardwalk and the action depicts.

    And then comes the first scary actor in the scene..the snake!  This is a totem of mine.  I've learnt each of us has many different guides/teachers.  Some often take the shape of a tree, plant, animal, bird, insect, reptile, fish, etc.  

    I've also found that often, when I first meet them, I am scared of them.  Why?  My old masculine based beliefs are scared of my feminine.  I strongly suggest you google snake totem and read several different versions of it.  You have a teacher now ready to assist you, if you choose to listen to yourself.

    Then there's yet another totem of mine, a small black dog.  I once again suggest you google dog totems and read several different versions of it.  

    However, within the dream, I don't realize this.  My fears take over and it manifests out in the battle between the evil snake, the dog and myself.

    Who's the business man?  He's another life of mine.  He's dressed like a business man because the clothes he wears are symbols of what I call "command/control" masculine based beliefs.  These manifest in many different ways in our lives.  They involve a controller and a controlee.  I have played both parts in many other lives. It's this one, I am living now, where, if I choose to listen to my dream, I can address this.

    My other life demonstrates my fears of my feminine by trying to control it, ie. stepping on it.  

    And totem is coming for me!  I am sitting her laughing at myself as I write this.  Why?  It's me who's creating the scene and writing the script.  I am so scared of my feminine totem, which came from my feminine, i.e. the water, that I am in mortal danger!  

    This is what I call a "wake up and smell the coffee" type dream.  If I choose to listen to myself, I can open myself up to both my totems, taking guidance from them.  If not, my inner beliefs will generate fears about my feminine, restricting my ability to spiritually learn about myself.

    I hope this helps you. 

    With kind regards,

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