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Reflecton of me

5 years 2 months ago #1 by Jec198

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  • Reflecton of me was created by Jec198
    Can you guys help me out with this dream I had, the dream wizard isnt helping me so I wanted to see what your inputs might be.

    It was me at work laying down, I then look into a reflection of myself hearing a voice say dont look into your eye in your5 dream. I then look into my eye for about a good 2 seconds, they looked smaller than my actual eyes and looked a bit red where its supposed to be brown. After looking for about 2 second, I then hear a flurry of voices in my head. I then look away and the voices where loud ad if I was awake and they were speaking to me in my eyes, I couldnt understand what they were saying, but it was as if they were a loud whisper. I had the feeling of dread when this occurred, I then woke up after they went away.
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