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    So I’m gonna give some info about my self! I’m Devin and I’m 18 I’m a senior in high school while also being in college, during the time of the dream i was on a weeks break from school. So I did nothing new before bed that night, tthe dream started at school I was on my way home I was on the bus and when I got home I unlocked the door and walked in. To my shock I found someone random in the house I restrained them till I had a idea they were safe, it was a girl she was 17 or 18 she could not remember who she was and couldn’t remember anything so I took her for some food and tried to help her remember who she was (like any guy I do remember flirting with her and being rejected) she cried on my shoulder stuff like that. Skip past awhile she knows who she is and is going to my high school she is a cheerleader. The high school in the dream was huge way bigger than mine I go to in real life. She always rejected my flirting and told me she didn’t like me but I didn’t stop trying. I was told by one of the cheerleaders to follow and to record (now that I think about it that’s weird to record my self but I guess it’s a dream, and she asked me to prom jumped on me and kissed me. Then I woke up but the weird thing is I controlled the whole dream. Thanks for reading any info let me know!

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