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dreaming about the act of God

5 years 7 months ago #1 by sean111

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  • dreaming about the act of God was created by sean111
    Good day 
    I had the weirdest dream.
    the dream begins with me and a friend (best friend of 14 years)
    we were meeting a man older in a airport, i did not know the man he was bold on the top of his head wore glasses, had a feeling of real importance about him, my friend spoke to the man, i could not hear what he was saying as i stood back, my friend walk back with a grim look on his face and told me "he has hurt her" i don't know who he spoke about but it fueled my rage in a instant, i saw the man driving away in a Mercedes Benz  one of that old ones, i track down the man on my own at this point my friend is no longer in the dream,i went to the mans house, it was a big house, i saw this  family he had a young wife and sons 2 of them, i waited for a few seconds and his family left, i walked up to the front door and rang the bell, the man answered the door i threw a punch knocking him to the ground, we traded a few punches (insert whole fight scene)
    (cut to important part of the fight) he got a gun and was standing on the garage roof pointing it at me, there was no fear in me. As the man spoke i could not hear with the blood boiling in my ears, as i let out a deep rage filled scream, clouds formed getting pitch black, and lighting stuck the man, and a voice screamed back at me from behind, it was his wife. all the rage have left me at that point, all i said to her was "it was the hand of God" and walk away. that is where i woke up with that last words echoing in my head and was more tired than ever in my life. 

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