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I need help analyzing my dream

6 years 2 months ago #1 by Dkokkinis

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  • I need help analyzing my dream was created by Dkokkinis
    ok well i had a dream that there was another world inhabited by some type of living people or creatures and the planet had split in half because they had conflict artifacts landed in our world and each person who i knew had a fitting into their world everyone turned differently i tried to tell the people from my past in a time machine but i kept getting people trying to take me away from the people who i was trying to warn and no matter how many times i tried to lock the door and stay and warn them either the door didnt lock or i was unable to know if the door was locked or not i got ripped back into the part of the dream where the world was coming to an end the only way i thought to keep from death was to experience strong emotions but in the end i was told i had to die and if i didnt then id cease to exist

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