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Demon baby, and other thinsg about my dreams.

11 years 1 month ago #1 by bhupinder789

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  • Demon baby, and other thinsg about my dreams. was created by bhupinder789
    I'll try to explain this the best That can. I, don't really believe dreams mean anything, but, I also have one or two theories on what dreams actually are. I usually go with whatever makes more sense. Because a lot of my dreams, make NO sense whatsoever.

    Well, a bit of sense, but its almost as i go in and out of dream, even though i'm still asleep. So i only see parts.

    Also, for any dream, After i wake up, I can go back to it, and manipulate it at will. So, i can go back and if it was a nightmare, I deal with whatever was bothering me. If i do this, however, its almost as that dream, the world in which that specific dream took place, falls apart. See, when i have dreams, I feel like im actually there, im sure im not the only one. But, i feel as though.... im awake? Hard to explain. Now, if i decide to go back, and mess with this dream, it feels like my existence in the world which the dream I had, begins to fade from that world. As if I'm being deleted or erased from that world. I could never really understand that.

    Make what you will of that. I would love to hear what people have to say about that.

    Now, as for the actual reason im here.

    I had a dream, which could qualify as a nightmare. However, Rarely... and i mean RARELY, do i feel fear. And i only ever feel it when i have dreams. When i am awake, i am completely devoid of fear.
    Also, I would like to mention, I honestly though of this dream as awesome. Despite it being... messed up.

    In this dream, I am in some middle eastern type country. Like india id say. Why i was there, not sure, My dream started half way, or at least what i remember. I believe i may have been looking for something. NO clue. Anywho, in my dream, it was boring for a bit. I was in some church during a mass...and a fight was about to break out, because of something i did/said? But i was able to avoid it.

    A bit after that, there was this one guy, who, was possessed by a demon, who came after me. I fought him off, because in this dream, i knew martial arts. He was trying to kill me, for some reason or another.

    After the fight, there was a chase, I was chasing him, and then i blacked out. Not me in the dream, but my actual self, as i some times do, The dream will progress, but I will, "Black out" from it, and I don't remember what happens.

    Now the next part, is the... Not sure, part im curious about? Not sure how long had passed, but I now lived in some kind of mansion, in the same country or place. I was married, which, i find odd as hell, because I never really plan to get married. I had a family, which, consisted of, me, my wife, her mother i think, and, what i found the most strange, the dude possessed by a demon. How he ended up as a family member, I have NO clue.

    But it seemed at times he could control this demon. Now, i remember watching T.V. with these people, and suddenly demon guy, began to try to attack me again. However, i calmed him down after a few minutes. My wife at the time, when i was fighting this guy, had given birth to a boy. She called me over, i sat on the floor next to her. I don't remember If i held the baby or even looked at it. All i know is she was complaining about the umbilical cord looking odd. I remember the line she said: "This part right here, its like theres something wrong." She said wrong or strange.

    What i know for sure is, the damn umbilical cord fell on my face. I could feel it on my cheeks. Two parts of the cord fell, and landed on both sides of my face. It felt disgusting. All slimy. Needless to say, it was horrible.

    Now at this time, I black out again.

    What gathered, for this part of the dream, which, is the last one, was that i went out, i think maybe a week or two after the cord incident. Not sure if i went to the store, for a walk, lord knows. What i remember was returning home, and the house being really dark. Almost like night time. It may have been thundering and raining, but i can't say. What i somewhat remember was, things felt... off. It was too quite, and i think i remember seeing blood all over the place in one room, i think, i saw my wife dead on the floor.

    I ran thru the house trying to figure out what happened, my guess was demon guy, but, as i came to second floor... balcony? I was indoors, i saw demon guy, who btw, looked to be wearing a mask, but aside from that, was pretty normal looking, was on the floor, crawling, leaving a trail of blood.

    He called my name, which, i cant remember what it was in the dream, and i jumped to where he was. In a panic, and i think with his dying breath, he said to me something along the lines of: "The child is evil! he killed everyone!" Some.... thing like that.

    Not even 10 seconds later, i can hear something coming at me from a dark hallway, where demon guy crawled from.

    That damn baby now looked like a damn satan spawn. I don't remember too well what it looked liked, but i remember claws, dark, almost jet blackish skin, and black, HUGE, alien like eyes. Like what you see on Greys. Greys are the typical type of alien that everyone sees and what not. You know, big head, gray skin, HUGE black eyes.

    I barely got to see this damn thing because it like FLEW out of the darkness at me. It had jumped.
    I was like, OH SHIT, because i knew it was aiming to claw at my neck.

    Luckily for me, since in this dream, I apparently knew martial arts and was a skilled fighter, I grabbed this demon by the neck, looked at it for like 2-3 seconds, and just squeezed. When i did that, the demon baby.... exploded. Its head flew off, and its body looked like it blew up because some explosive set off from inside it.

    My ex always did tell me it seemed as though i made up my dreams, and i see why now.
    I may have a good imagination, but why in the hell would i wanna make something like that up?

    ANYWAY! sorry for seeming to ramble, or if my explanation of my dream was bad. I am kinda horrible at explaining myself.

    I would like to mention, this dream, i did not go back too. I wasn't really scared, more like... just had a feeling of, it would be better to not go back. And, i didn't wanna feel the feeling of fading from existence. It's as sad as it sounds.

    So, my questions are, what does it mean, to have a demon baby? especially, when you never wanna get married and sure as HELL never wanna have kids? Did i have this dream simply because i don't want kids THAT badly? Also, that damn umbilical cord.... would that mean anything special? Cause uh... it felt nasty as hell.

    Im open to any explanations offered to me. whether its from a religious point of view, or more scientific, or just any thoughts at all about this dream.

    Thank you whoever may read this, and any responses would be greatly appreciated.

    And if you like this one, I can try to remember more dreams which i've had, and listen to what someone may have to say about them.

    Oh and i suppose i might as well ask this, whats the reason for a person going in and out of a dream? Just figured id ask. Thank you.

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