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Weird dream? intepret it ASAP?

11 years 3 months ago #1 by lilokidd

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  • Weird dream? intepret it ASAP? was created by lilokidd
    So i just got off of the bus and im walking up the hill to my house, then all of the sudden i see my neighbors three kids outside playing and then the babies crying. So i go to pick her up and my neighbor walks up from his basement and i give him back his kid. So he tells me thank you and i see this young woman walk up, she isnt his wife that's all i know, and i look at her face because it looks soo familiar, and then he stares at her too. Then he's trying to tell her that her lipsticks smeared and shes like what? :ohmy: then she realizes so she wipes it off, then it gets akward and i leave. Then im almost to my house walking downhill, then i realize the woods are darker then it should be so i go to my house. then all of the sudden im outside again with a bucket of laundry. but then the weird thing is that theres clothing on the road so i go to pick it up. which lead me up hill to my road. the roads adn trees are dark. but then its not that dark. so i pick up my clothing and look and i find myself near the curve of the road. So i look up towards the hill and its getting dark, but not that dark like usual. So i go up the hill and i meet this animal, idk what but i remember it as some kind've bug. Then i just woke up.
    SO what do you guys think this dreams about?

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