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Dream about a Dead Rat and a Grieving Momma Rat

12 years 2 weeks ago #1 by annamanalastas

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  • Dream about a Dead Rat and a Grieving Momma Rat was created by annamanalastas
    Hi guys,

    I need help trying to figure out what my latest dream meant.

    I dreamt that I was in our house and saw a dead rat on the floor. For some reason, I instinctively leaned on the door behind me and trapped the momma rat that was hiding behind the door by the wall. I saw that she was huge and she was scurrying, trying to get out. Then our maid came in and I asked her to catch the rat but somehow, the momma rat was able to escape. I told the maid that it was probably grieving the death of its offspring.

    Then I started walking to the hallway and saw three more baby rats and I called to our maid and we tried catching them.

    The dream felt confusing and unclear after that point. But for some reason, I have this feeling that I was actually smiling in my sleep during the whole incident.

    I'm not scared of rats nor do I hate them per se. I just don't mind them as much... as long as they don't mind me or my stuff either. However, I have been having this really heavy feeling of anxiety and worry recently and I'm not sure if it instigated the dream or something.

    I did wake up completely forgetting the dream though and for the first time in two days, I awoke with a tiny smile on my face. It was only when I stood up that I somehow remembered the dream again.

    What do you guys think it means?

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