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sword fight and flying dream?

12 years 3 months ago #1 by learia

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  • sword fight and flying dream? was created by learia
    just last night I dreamt of being a swordfight,. before it happened, we were being hunted down for some reason as I hid in one corner underneath a bed, eventually someone found me out & then the setting changed it became a big gym area where my opponent is (weirdly my employer) who yielded alot of ninja?or plain swords and started throwing at me these swords like playing saucer/darts, I succesfully dodged most of them & gathered every sword so she couldn't pick it up,. as she was throwing every sword & only a few left, I started to fight & counter her move, so i threw a sword in one hit i sliced her up,she seemed to be still persistent to throw swords at me so i ran on the back side of the gym & closed my eyes & thought i needed to fly away from here, from then on I felt like i was flying while my eyes are closed.
    what does that indicate? pls help? thanks

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    12 years 3 months ago - 12 years 3 months ago #2 by CC

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  • Replied by CC on topic Re: sword fight and flying dream?
    Your dream suggests that somewhere in your waking life, you feel as if you have been hunted down and engaged in a battle... perhaps in your work life, given the role of your employer in your dream. The good news is that your dream shows that you feel that you can survive, rise above and even fly away from the conflict in your waking life.

    Here are links to the definitions of your dream symbols on this site which should help you pinpoint your attacker and what part of your waking life generated your dream...






    Good luck!

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