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Seeing my coach

12 years 5 months ago #1 by anm105

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  • Seeing my coach was created by anm105
    I should start by saying that this is a "fly on the wall" type of dream. I am watching everything happen to me. Also, the coach in this dream was my coach for 12 years and passed suddenly 4 years ago. I am at a local high school with the cheerleading team that I coach for. This is my first year coaching them. I am standing with the girls, when I look over to my left and see m coach, who I called Granny, standing there. I drop whatever is in my hand and I run to her, jump into her arms, and hold her tight while I start to cry. But as I hold onto her I am suddenly 8 years old again, wearing the uniform I wore when she was coaching me. Her and I have what seems like a 10 minute conversation. At that point, my mom and my older sister appear and ask me who I am talking too. I tell them that Granny is right here, don't you see her? And the say no. All they saw was me run over to and open area, sit on the floor and start talking to myself. This is the point where I wake up. This is the first time I have had a dream about my coach. It has really shaken me up because I don't know why it just now happened. I should also mention that about 3 weeks ago, I retired from cheerleading after 16 years of it.

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