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What does my dream mean?

1 year 4 weeks ago #1 by Mimilovescookiedough1
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  • What does my dream mean? was created by Mimilovescookiedough1
    I had an insane dream last night... for some reason I was at a lake house with the kids (they were sleeping) I looked out the window of the cottage we were in and I could see my ex and his brother outside fishing. I was confused in the dream as to why my ex was there so I went to the dock he was at and asked him what he was doing here and he said "Im fishing with my brother. Go take care of the kids and leave me alone" He got on a boat and drove away in it. I started feeling the ground shake and saw the water shifting. Like...a lot so I ran inside with the kids and looked out the window at the sky...I started seeing something breaking through the atmosphere in the sky and it slowly started getting closer. And it was HUGE. The sky started to turn red and black and you could see what originally looked like a space ship so big it looked almost as big as earth just going over the planet. Then more gigantic objects started coming through the atmosphere and I was terrified. I ran to the kids and held them tight and waited for the worst to happen while watching out the window at the sky in Disbelief.. earth started shaking like an earthquake and I could see gigantic hands slowly becoming more visible coming closer and reached down grabbed my exes boat out of the lake and disappeared. Everything changed colors went back to a light blue and got calm again. My daughter woke up held onto me tightly and told me that it was in God's hands now. Then i woke up.  

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