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This is nuts and doesn’t make sense

2 years 4 months ago #1 by Sleazybootie

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  • This is nuts and doesn’t make sense was created by Sleazybootie
    I was hired by a family to keep them safe. Unfortunately what they were up against I was no match for. At first I took them out but more kept coming. The first scene we were in a cabin above them. Would take shots with my sniper and killed 3 but I’d always end up dead and the family murdered as well.Second part repeated dream I tried a new tactic. This time we’d find better cover. I’d continue to switch guns but it didn’t work lol. The boy would always end up dead and the daughter and mother gone. This occurred roughly 6 times. Repeatedly. The last repeated part I tried something new. We ran. The daughter and mother went their own way and the boy and I went ours. We were separated. Decided to hunker down in a cabin after hopping some fences. We got in a room my rifle at the ready. 3 men as always came first. I finally was able to Jill them all but then the plot changed. Apparently the family had some money that the neighbors apparently wanted. Idk if we won or what happened because shortly after the woman revealed herself as her plans unfolded, I woke up. Why are my dreams so vividly violent with me getting shot and dying. Could this be a past life death I’m remembering? 

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