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    I've always been someone who dreams for I'm a young age always vivid and so real but also in colour my first memory of dreams was one I had at the age of 14 I had this dream every night for 7 days two boys chasing me to the top of some stairs one was half cast and one was white with flicky blonde hair and one always had a knife I'd get to the top and as I'm about to fall off the stairs I'd wake up about 2 weeks after this dream two males whom I knew one was half cast and one was white where arrested for attacking a man in a back street stabbing him multiple times I could have times where I wouldn't dream at all and then time I'd constantly dream again always in colour so real I could even wake from a dream and then go back to sleep carrying on with the dream where I left off when I woke but recently I've had a dream that as really upset me and it involves one of my son's my youngest who as a diagnosis of trisomy 21 and as had past problems with his health by who presently is fit and well and it involves him being in the arms of another woman whom I do not know and though it sounds weird she is taking children down a waterslide holding them against her chest she goes down the slide with each child and takes a left and then disappears but when it comes to my son's turn she doesn't turn left and goes straight ahead and as she does they come to a fatality and my son passes I cry in my dream but then wake and I'm still crying it's been so upsetting for me and I would like it if anyone could give me any feedback as it's been worrying me so much 

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