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Please interpret this dream

3 years 1 week ago #1 by RoseMj

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    Hi I had a very disturbing dream and I thought maybe you could help me understand. I saw my brother was observing an ancient diagram in which there was a black cross stitch across the forehead of a women and my brother is a surgeon (in reality) so in the dream after do that stitch on my friend my brother proceeds to do it on me as I requested him but when he started the stitch using a mechine it got stuck midway and it started to hurt badly I felt some pain and then he stopped the mechin and he started doing it manually on my cheek and then I went on to a psychic mode and saw a glimpse of SM future happening and while woke up from it the stitch was transferred to my forehead and after words it had increased my confidence and I'd been seeing things and I was happy people who used to abuse me physically in the dream was no longer able to abuse me but that made me curious as I'd not developed physical strength just slight premonitions and I was able to hurt someone which was disturbing and whilst getting the stitch done on the top part of my forehead my brother was saying it was made by god for us when in need of help or some sorts

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