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Stuck in dream. Need to know what this is.

2 years 11 months ago #1 by crystal.aurora

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  • Stuck in dream. Need to know what this is. was created by crystal.aurora
    Please pardon my English and my way of explaining. 

    So, I fell asleep listening to music subliminals and just an hour ago, i went through this weird dream where I felt like I was awake, I knew everything that was going on around me, but it was like a false setup. I wanted to take off my earphones since I didn't want to listen to music anymore but it just wouldn't get off no matter how hard I tried. Even after I take off my earphones, the music kept on going and I started panicking. I tried to wake my husband beside me, but he wouldn't wake up, he can't hear me screaming and that's when I started panicking trying to escape from this weird dream, screaming, shaking my partner to wake up etc. Then someone called, i felt my phone vibrating but when i took it in my hand, it was blank and it felt nothing, but i could hear the vibration going on in the background. Then once the call got cut off, the music started again. After the person called me again, thats when i felt like I was free, but I still wasn't confirmed if i was awake or not. So I took my phone again and pulled out the earphones, got free and finally received the call. 

    It was my friend. If my friend didn't call me so late at night, I have no idea how much longer would I have been stuck in that awful scary dream. Even nightmares are better than this. I need to know why this happened. How was I stuck in a dream, being able to move in the dream and be completely aware of my surroundings, just in a false setup. 

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