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My sister has the same recurring dream

3 years 2 months ago #1 by SarahMono

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  • My sister has the same recurring dream was created by SarahMono
    So for the last few years every few months or so I've had this dream. It's in a different place each time but the idea is the same. I'm on holidays somewhere sunny and it's the last day. I realise I've not swam in the pool the whole holiday and I start trying to convince people I have to go swim in the pool before the holiday is over. Last night I actually remember saying in the dream "I have to swim in the pool before the holiday is over or it's going to be like them dreams I have where I don't get to swim in the pool". Today I was speaking to my family and was telling them about the dreams and my sister said "omg I've had the same dreams". We talked about it and she had the exact same dreams as I'd been having. Anyone else experienced something like this or had a similar dream? 

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