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What does my dream about kissing my date on the cheek mean?

3 years 7 months ago #1 by Stewart

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  • I was on a lunch date with a girl that looked like Jena Frumes, a biracial model with blonde curly hair. After lunch, Jena told me that she wanted to look at houses. I agreed and we drove to look at some model homes in a new subdivision. When we got there, a housing agent that looked like the late John Lewis greeted us. He shook my hand firmly then looked me in the eyes and said that as a black couple, we should consider moving to another neighborhood. He then went on this rant about how the suburbs were created to divide the black family regardless of hue. I said it’s a good thing my girl is at least half-black and I grab Jena’s left arm. John lectures us some more about housing and I lean in and start kissing Jena on the cheek. At first she smiles and laughs, then she seems repulsed by the kisses. Then I wake up.

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