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Six winged angle

3 years 8 months ago #1 by Mati

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  • Six winged angle was created by Mati
    On 2/21/2020 I'm had dream of a six winged angle. It won't in human form but it was in white cloud, and it was copying my move ment, then the sixed wing angel, wave it's hand and smile at me.
    On 3/13/2020, I dream I was on a gold train, I don't know if was going, but when I was walking around the the train I hear a voice on the intercom say " now arriving at heaven" then I wake up really fast because I don't want to die.
    5/25/2020 had a dream where I was taking to a voice and the voice said to me, "your eyes are your soul, your mouth is your heart, your ears are your mind, here a secret for you, God sees everything out your left eye and lucifer sees everything out your right eye."
    Today I had a creepy dream, 9/2/2020, I was helping the earth cleaning it up/ picking up trash and putting it to the side of the road, the I saw a truck with ,Jesus statues, Virgin Mary statue, and a rundown statue, and it's goes speeding of, so I fly after it, it make a left I turn left then I see in the sky six normal two winged  angles and and one six winged angle, then the six winged angle bowls a trumpet then my body feels in pain with burning on my skin, then i look at my body and I have three tattoos I never had before,first tattoo was on my chest/stomach one six winged angle with him holding a speed in his arms ready to attack, second one was a gold/sliver apple in the middle there was a blue eye in the middle of the apple, and the last tattoo was a black dragon in a orb and it's was on my left side of my rib cage/stomach. Then I hear a voice saying "he needs are help" then I turn into a white light and go after look like a black hole then everything turn black. I thought I was a wake but now still in the dream, I was on the glass, I couldn't open my right, my left eye was in pain, I see two people walking by (there shadows) and ask them to called the ambulance because I couldn't see out my right eye, the two take me a pharmacist store ( like rite aid or kennydrugs l) then I hear a person me saying, "your one lucky angel to be a live still, I look at my self with my left eye in a mirror and the right side of body was black/ looking like two degree burn, my right had a white paper/Pat then my left eye turned black and I was blind out of it. Then I heard a different voice say" his body is going into shock his body is at 6% we need to him back in recuperation mode/rest mode but he might not back here for four years" a person give me a pill and then I wake up.

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