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Dream i had that i really would like clarification on...

3 years 9 months ago #1 by Pokimaeve

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  • I just had a dream where it was kind of like Black Ops Zombies in a way. I met this girl who was really really good looking and with really nice black hair. We ended up dating in the dream and i started to work at her job at some sort of high technology company who made these weapons and stuff. I ended going to an apartment nearby that I rented and i took this piece of tech home that actually had these robot bugs that got mixed with some sort of rage chemical or whatever. I ended up dying but I could still see what was going on sortly after my death. This guy was at the scene of my death and then sudden i awaken with this man that had basically brought me back to life. He took me to the job that I had worked at with the girl and all the workers their remembered me and known about my death… i told them i was trying to find the girl i was dating (i dont remember her name) but the guy that took me their went over to her and everyone was like “She's over there!” I walk over slowly and ask if its actually her and if she remembered me. She let out this cute, loud “yeah”. I teared up and we hugged…. The dream then continues with the guy, me and the girl going to stop whatever this company had done… i was speculating in the dream that the guy who brought me back was actually with the girl bc they would do certain things that looked suspicious to me… I then woke up sortly after and was really sad bc this girl was really great tbh. I googled “can your brain make up faces for dreams” and found out that it cant. I honestly can't remember who it was but god dang she was great. At one point in the dream i remember the guy had rented this "place for us to stay hidden" it was basically a long set of wooden stairs up to this wooden balcony with no roof above it nor a hours beside it. I had brought a duffel bag with 2 blankets, we started putting stuff down and it literally started pouring... I remember in the dream i said "I hate when my blankets get wet!" And the girl was begging the guy for us to move. For some reason the place started flooding and when we were sitting it got up to our necks. We left and went to this amusement park with a casino type place, a random small cliff in the back of that, a slide that we would slide on for this really weird game. I ended up learning that she was a big gamer aswell as me. Then we went to talk about her and the guy and i didnt know how to word it correctly and she thought i was saying something about sex. She said "its my body i can do it with who i want" i said that I agreed but that wasnt what i was trying to say. The dream then for some reason switched to a game called Apex Legends and we were suddenly in the Storm. Then we both downed after me literally carrying her in my arms to the circle. The other guy came and revived us. This is pretty much all the rest of the dream...

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