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I need to know what this recurring dream means

3 years 10 months ago #1 by CatBSwift

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  • I am in a beautiful,large, old countryhouse - alone. I never remember entering. I wander through it. The
    dream is vivid- in full colour and sensation. I can hear, smell,
    touch and taste. I pick up, use and examine things that feel old but
    familiar as I search the house up to the attic and then down. I
    search a woman's bedroom on the 2nd floor. There is awinged pin done in bright tiny jewels, that I always seem reluctant
    to put down, on a dressing table there. As I approach the cellar door
    in the kitchen, foreboding and urgency to keep searching
    intensifies. I light a lamp and go down the stairs to the beyond
    dark cellar,moving the light to identify the coal shed door, an old
    cast iron heater of some kind and another door amid the clutter of
    canning and storage. I look through the cellar, open coal shed and
    approach the other door. It is out of place but I can't pin down
    exactly how. Its imperative I open it- but I'm too terrified to touch
    the knob, much less turn it. Suddenly I'm cold to the bone. Dread
    and foreboding when I reach for that doorknob wakes me - often
    screaming. I can't remember the first time I had the dream; I've
    had it throughout my life, leaving me very nervous and unsettled for
    days. I smell a specific smell after, in my waking life, that sets
    off my warning bells- the smell of mudflats at low tide. I'd never
    smelled it while awake until a business trip 6 years ago.

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