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Chasing Fire.

4 years 3 weeks ago #1 by Csyra6798

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  • Chasing Fire. was created by Csyra6798
    Chasing Fire.

    I dream I'm with my college friends and collages. I'm in the event with gathering. It seems like that we're in the mall or stadium. Suddenly my dream change,that we're roaming around the street. I've seen the unknown streets and building structure. Then, I've ride into a Cab or a SUV with those unknown persons. Were its stop in an area and picking up a passengers,were my friends dissaper at my dream.I didn't feelt any usual feeling like being afraid,or anything. It seems like I'm on the usual public ride with no idea at all and with those unknown persons. My dream change again,that I am inside the building,in cark parking area in the mall or in the tunnel. I suddenly meet my brother at the area were he's look like afraid and he's says something that we should escape the area. I go down stairs to find out the easy ways to exit,but I saw the fire chasing me. It's come closer and closer then I ran away as fast as I can. I go to the upper ground wheres my brother yelling at me of my wrong decision that,why i go down at the area. We're running as fast as we can were the fire chasing us. I run as fast as I could and I found out side of the building that my loved ones running. They are looking at me while they run. They are in panic,were my boy friend the father of my son and my parents. My brother was already lost in my sight. I don't felt afraid to him but I felt afraid into my parents were they trying to save me and go inside the building. My mother are very terrified and she tried to run on fire. She tried to save me and she don't even cared if she burn herself. I lost in my sigh my boy friend. I found out that my mother hurriedly came up at the building were the fire still chasing me. I've seen that she's with the other persons an unfamiliar to me because its looks blur.Seems like she's with my sisters.The fire doesn't produce an smoke or burn out the area. It's flow to the hole and chase me. Then,my dream change that I'm seating and ridding the bike with no one else. I'm on the empty streets and my father texted,how am I. He replied eith the text an sword symbol,I can't even read it clearly. I woke up and felt conscious and afraid. Still I can't forgot I've dream last night.

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