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How Does It Happen

4 years 3 months ago #1 by Alloverthemap

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  • How Does It Happen was created by Alloverthemap
    I have never heard this discussed, though admittedly I'm new to the dream community. But has anyone ever attempted to explain how an entire, full-screen, image, with vivid detail filling up all four corners can be created in an instant during a dream? Doesn't this seem strange to you?

    Just woke up from a dream where I'm on a city bus travelling down a very busy street. There are two women in the foreground exposing themselves, but the entire frame is filled up with all the detail you'd expect had you been looking at a street scene from a city bus. And it's not a still shot. The bus is moving and the perspective is changing. 

    How the hell can all that visual detail be created and maintained in a nanosecond? I mean, we could never do that consciously.

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