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Need help understanding my dream!

4 years 6 months ago #1 by Ccastellano

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  • Need help understanding my dream! was created by Ccastellano
    I had a dream that I was at work. It was normal, except my sister was also there, and I was taking pictures of her and my mom. When I went back up front, I answered the phone, but I was too late and the guy left a voicemail saying he missed me by a second. I somehow interrupted him in the middle of his voicemail and said something, and he made the comment of dead people answering the phone. I didn’t know I was dead, but I wasn’t worried or scared. My coworker asked if saying “dead” was better than saying “deceased,” and I’m like never deceased. Then I left to throw away two bananas and something else out, and I saw my dad on the way out at 5 pm. When I left through the back door, I was walking towards the trash when suddenly I was in my backyard, and I saw a gorilla in the field, but it didn’t see me. Scared, I ran and then woke up.
    In my waking life:  I did have a fight with my boyfriend, and I came to realize that my issues all come from my insecurity. Also, I’m taking my LSAT this Monday.

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