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Changed everything about everything

4 years 6 months ago #1 by Changedmyexistence
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    It's kind of hard to explain but I remember coming into my dream slowly and I was confused for a little bit it was dark almost like I was floating on a lake and there was lots and lots of others that's what I'm going to call them they weren't people we weren't spirits there was this everything what holds everything in place and time that's really confusing but for some reason I feel extremely satisfied me at peace about it I got shown how the whole world universe galaxies that are galaxies our minds are spirits are everything that makes everything anything that holds everything together in life I got shown that woke up back to bed and the crazy thing is I did not fall back asleep but the dream that I was having if you want to call it a dream continued soon as I laid back down I was just sitting there looking around the room but my mind Spirit whatever you want to call it was somewhere else being shown what is what why it is it's changed everything in my life matter of a night I really like to explain it fully but it's it's mind-blowing it would take me hours and hours to break it down but I truly feel I got shown what we are and how everything is and why it is and where it came from and why people think the way they do but it's totally opposite of what it should be and we're not even people animals it's hard to explain it I was literally floating if you want to call it like I was in outer space I can see trillions of others getting lost and confused about life and struggles but every time I started fall back with everybody else something calmed me pulling me back slowly and then it would explain a little more about everything and what EVERYTHING IS LIFE WORLD GALAXIES DOGS CARS YOU NAME IT AND IT'S NOT WHAT PEOPLE THINK if I could find somebody to take time and let me explain it fully our way of thinking our whole existence from everything is created what our purpose is what causes people to come up with their own thoughts or stations or explanations of things why we can't ever get out of our so quiet on Galaxy why are people so called supposed to be a guy or be born crazy thing is first time Trulia my wife at 36 years old begged God to help me understand everything thenight I had the dream it wasn't a human figure it was what we are everything what we are myself us everything broke it down and explained to me what's going to happen again explain more how are purpose everything that we are is lost and the crazy thing is purpose showing me that reason how it works like dark matter Adams chromosomes that's just words that we put on everything that is everything that's us and how lost the whole existence if everything is support off track that if we can't figure it out when you assume meanings of words to things turn the volume to the next step of our meaning I hope somebody can understand I'd really like to explain it worth word see what people think give me your perspective your thought your ringer reason o go this dream!!

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