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can anyone interpret my dream for me?

4 years 7 months ago #1 by maryj

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  • I had a dream that my aunt called me to go out of the cottage we rented in the forest to enjoy the night and look at the sky. The sky was really beaitiful with all the stars.when we were finished and we were planning to go back inside, we were blocked by a bat and this bird looking creature small round black and white colored that bites. the bat pooped on my hand and nose. I felt disgusted that I touched the poo.then my aunt decided we should fight the bird like creature so that we could leave because everytime we decide to stop forward, we were blockes.then it ended up biting me and attacking me.My aunt was unscathed. we managed to escape one and when we were nearing the door, another one appeared and bit me again on the arm. when I went inside the cottage I saw that I have a lot of bites that appeared on my arms.There were red blotches and it was so painful. my right ear was almost cut off as well.It was just hanging and underneath it,I have a deep tiny wound that looks like it has a puss inside. my aunt was a doctor so I told her if I should go to emergency department and have my ear stitched because I just want an excuse letter from the hospital so that I could also call in sick at work.She wrote a script for me to take and she agreed that I should go to emergency. when I went out of the room, I saw 5 of my former classmates and my old teacher talking. I was not sure if I should join their conversation or not. So I listened briefly and left again. when my classmates left, I approached my old teacher and stood in front of her together with an old classmate who stayed. I asked a question to the teacher and she ignored me then I repeated the question just in case she did not hear it and she did not acknowledge it so I just said ok and ask my old classmate if she wants anything to drink because I ask 2 other people and im gonna buy for them and she told me what she want. I left and bought them the drinks. When I was about to go to the hospital with my partner, I covered myself so that the bird like creature would not attack me again. While walking, the bird like creature went on top of my head and was jumping up and down. I could still sense that it does not like me and it would attack if it will see my face. However, the creature was so friendly with my partner.It likes him and it even plays with him. In the end the creature started to play with me without knowing me and we managed to get into the hospital. Once inside I did not immediately go into the emergency room.but I went inside a room and I woke up.

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