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Seeing Dream from Multiple Perspectives

4 years 8 months ago #1 by lostaspiegirl

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  • Seeing Dream from Multiple Perspectives was created by lostaspiegirl
    I dreamt it was the zombie apocalypse last night, per usual, except I wasn't me in my own dream. At least, that's what I figured out as the dream progressed. I actually think this happens often. I often switch from me to another person, which is why I think many of my dreams seem so scattered to me.

    The people I switch into in my dream last night aren't people I know. I was seeing what was happening from various human and non-human (perhaps a ghost-like) perspective. I was experiencing their emotions and thoughts, but some part of me knew I wasn't them.

    Then suddenly I'd be viewing things from above, or from below the water. Or I'd be zooming around too fast and smooth to be a human. Plus, I wouldn't feel any emotions, except those a movie goer might experience watching a film.

    Sometimes I was in a boat. Once, I know I became this guy. I was zooming into him from afar. Then I was above him. Then I was him. Then his family became zombies and killed him. Then I was outside him.

    Usually when I have zombie apocalypse dreams (I often have post apocalypse dreams of varying types, often on other worlds besides our own), I'm me. I'm trying to help the people. I'm often flying a car I've modified from earth. 

    But this dream was very much about our world, except I wasn't me. And I wasn't able to help the people, essences wasn't tangible enough, unless I was inside of them, but, even then, I didn't have enough power to take control and save them 

    Anyway, next I was on another boat, I was a girl. I could feel I was a girl. At first I thought it was her family. But then we made it to the shore. We found a house. People had survived. I won't get into everything there, except the part where she goes to the bathroom and I see her reflection. She most definitely wasn't me as a child. It was so weird seeing another person's visage reflected back at me. This is the point I became fully self aware and cognizant, like I woke up inside the dream.

    AI remember thinking: If I'm her, then how can I think this family be hers? Because I realized she was of a different race, which I couldn't see while I was on the boat with them. Unless she's adopted or they took her in when the apocalypse started. But if I was her, then why was I also having my own thoughts? Why didn't I know who she was to them? Why couldn't I remember any of her life before I'd entered her body?

    But I remember feeling upset when they took the boy away (who'd I initially assumed was her brother, and may have been her adopted or half brother or or boyfriend or friend or something), who I thought was conversing with like he was my brother on the boat. I remember having a sense of deep camaraderie with him.

    After looking in the mirror for what seemed a long time, I was suddenly the boy in the basement. I don't know who had chained him down there. There were zombies down there chained up. I don't know if whomever chained him down there did so for sport, or because they thought he was gonna become a zombie. I was only inside his mind long enough to feel his terror and desperation to get out of there. The chains holding the zombies were short enough they couldn't hurt him, but seeing so many of the zombies continuously throw themselves at him in spite of the chains was very unnerving. I could feel their useless attacks wearing down his soul, as though the only thing truly holding them back was his will to keep them back. His young mind feared that once his guard dropped, then he was done.

    Being inside him, I knew this wasn't true. But that's all I knew. I didn't know why he was there. I had theories as to why he was down there, but being inside his head didn't give me any additional insight, as though (I finally realized) I could only access the thoughts of the person that said person was currently having. If they didn't think about what happened right before I entered their bodies, then I couldn't know those thoughts or memories. I couldn't access their pasts at all unless they thought about it themselves.

    Again, it was like I was them once inside of them, yet some part of me remained cognizant that I wasn't them. But this is the first time I was either aware enough or able to remember, because I got the distinct feeling I have been aware before, but didn't remember when I woke, because I immediately became too focused on starting my day to think of my dreams before they drifted off as elusive and wispy tendrils. But now realize many of my dreams are of other people, which is why they don't make sense.

    The other night I dreamed I was in elementary school. I assumed it was my dream, but nothing in it was familiar. But now realize I'd influenced what happened in the dream, because as much as I become the other person, I'm still me. So, in the dream I told the other kids I was struggling because I was Aspie.

    Anyway, in this dream I know the person who was living in the house (it's a zombie apocalypse, so just because someone is living somewhere, it doesn't mean it was their's before) wanted females. I'm not sure how I know that. I just know that when I was that girl and she looked in the mirror, many things flashed through my mind, not hers. But the main thought was that I wanted to save her, but I didn't know how.

    Except now I realize that I've enough control to make some of thoughts into their thoughts, influence how and what they think, similar to what I did in my dream the other night.

    But that's not what happened last night. If my theory is correct, then last night I pulled multiple people into my zombie apocalypse dream. I became all of them, flitting and fluttering from one mind to the next, seeing the unfolding of my dream from their perspective.

    I had my own distinctive thoughts, but was experiencing everything from their perspective, feeling their emotions. But still maintained my own thoughts. I have some control, but sometimes their emotions and thoughts are too strong for me to overcome or see past, as they feel like they're my own, even when I know they're not.

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    4 years 8 months ago #2 by Aichann

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  • Replied by Aichann on topic Seeing Dream from Multiple Perspectives
    I have these kinds of dreams quite often, I also haven't figured out why they happen as I don't know any of the people. I think it might just be a type of lucid dream but hopefully someone who actually knows, let's us know. :)

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