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Can someone help me find out what my dream means?

4 years 10 months ago #1 by jessem024

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  • I had a dream where I was in a bookstore with my best friend and her sister and with my annoying classmate in high school. All of the sudden the radio in the store starting telling us that the world was ending in a vague way and then everything started shaking and we heard explosions and everyone in the store started to crouch and scream. I went and crawled away from the annoying classmate and I saw this pretty woman in a blue dress and I held her hand which she wanted me to. She started screaming and shrieking as we felt and heard the explosions. Everything went white. After the light was done we figured we survived but Earth looked different. The sky was black with a lot of stars and no moon. Everything is yellow. We all came out walking out of the store and I was still holding hands with the woman. (ALSO A FRIENDLY LION WALKED OUT OF THE STORE???)

    anyways I wanted to ask what does it mean bc it felt super vivid to me. And why I was holding hands with a stranger around my age and the world turning yellow and black.

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